Sensible Nemesis

After much procrastination I’ve finally (nearly – just awaiting their flags) finished my first two 1:1200 Napoleonic Warships: HMS Nemesis, a 28 gun frigate, and La Sensible, a 32 gunner. Both are from Langton’s miniatures.

HMS Nemesis, 28

La Sensible, 32

They are in fact both British ships but since all of my frigates are the British models, I’m left with little choice but to reflag a couple. There was a certain amount of swapping of warships in the Napoleonic Wars of course, and both Nemesis and Sensible were taken by their respective enemies, at least for a while.

I chose the ‘identities’ of the ships because they were a pair of ships that had a little history together. The Nemesis’s colour scheme was based loosely on the scheme that HMS Rose wore when she played Jack Aubrey’s Surprise in Master and Commander. La Sensible is shown with a yellow hull in a painting but I opted for the more striking (and more different from the Nemesis) white scheme worn by some of her sister ships.

I followed a combination of the painting guide in the Trafalgar rules, and this really helpful article I learnt a fair bit while I was making these two, eg, that it’s possible to bend a white metal mast when you are pulling the rigging tight, which results in other rigging going slack! Also when dealing with models that are ‘at quarters’ you have to be careful where you drill any holes in the channels, so that you don’t end up drilling a hole right above a protruding gun barrel. I’ve rigged the ship with rayon thread. The bases are Langton’s on a cardboard base that gives me somewhere to put the name label, as well as allowing me to mount the ship well towards the back of the base so that the bowsprit does not overhang the front. I recommend buying the next size up when you get the Langton’s bases, if you can.

What else have I been doing? Much shopping for 1/76 WWII models and figures, for an upcoming Blitzkrieg project. Also a couple of games of Crossfire, and Andrew has started playing Might and Reason in 15mm – very attractive and fun but I find my skills would recommend me more for a role as a French general. Here’s a picture from the Battle of Torgau, Zieten’s cavalry advanced over the causeway and swept away my division that was meant to be screening it in a single round.

Zieten’s cavalry advances across the causeway


3 responses to “Sensible Nemesis

    • Thanks – they do look good when they’re finished. I think the secret is finding a good (and appropriately named) beer to have when you’re rigging them – in my case Red Duck brewery’s Red Admiral.

  1. Having heard about the adventures getting those ships painted, I must say they do look worth it. I look forward to seeing them when I’m over your way soon.

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