DBA Smacking

Mark was over the other week and we had a few games of DBA. My generalship wasn’t up to much but my luck was pretty atrocious.

Mark has a brief writeup of the games here .

For part of his visit we went down to my in-laws’ holiday house. I brought down a number of the armies I have built to wargame the military campaigns around the Investiture Controversy

I too have no recollection of what caused the earlier Holy Roman Empire (DBA List III/52) to lose comprehensively to the Communal Italians (DBA List III/72), but here is the setup:

The Holy Roman Empire (on the left) prepare to give battle with the Communal Italians

Next up was the Papal Italians (DBA List III/76) vs the Communals. That was the game I probably came closest to success in, thanks to the Papal Guard, who you can see in the photos with their big red Keys of Heaven banner.

The Papal army ready to take on a Communal force

Sadly Mark’s knights got in amongst the troops I should have left on the hill. Lord knows why I sat a knights in front of two units of crossbowmen.

It was going fairly well on the right… not so good on the left

Back in Melbourne we had a couple of games with my Neo Assyrian Empire themed armies. Mark doesn’t mention a very very short game we had between my Lydians and Scythians. You’d think that two Knights, a Light Horse, and a Light Chariot General would stand a chance against three light horse, wouldn’t you?

Lydians (in the foreground) confident of victory against the Scythians

I didn’t get a photo of the Libyan Egyptians vs Neo Assyrians but my defeat was largely to do with an optimistic deployment of some Light Chariotry and Cavalry in fairly close proximity to a wood, hoping to deal death to the Assyrian Auxilia. Sadly not the case and the survivors were not free of the woods when they were needed to meet the Assyrian mounted troops.

Clearly I need some practice.


2 responses to “DBA Smacking

  1. The outing of the Skythians was after my post, but as luck played such a big part it really deserves to have a veil drawn over it! As for the Germans, I’m sure I hoped to use their blade to effect. Otherwise it still draws a blank.

    • Unlucky, but a salutary lesson in not trying to play LH armies at their own game, though. There I was trying to pick off some isolated units when suddenly my troops were the isolated ones!

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