Dux Bellorum: Fun With The Romano British.

I got to the Nunawading Wargames Association last night for the first time in ages. Mark and I played an Annals Battle with my Romano British against his Saxons.

I was the aggressor in the scenario, and I was able to put my mounted troops in a good position on the open left hand side of the battlefield.

Setup – Romano British in the foreground

As the battle lines closed, one of the units of Warriors that Mark had wanted to hold back to face my Riders chose instead to charge my main body.

Mark’s warband charges in, meanwhile my riders find his flank

My two Noble Riders soon dealt with the solitary unit of Warriors that was facing them, and soon they were charging Mark from the rear. With Noble Riders getting nine combat dice in those circumstances, although my Shieldwall were looking pretty shabby the ending was pretty much preordained. I had some fairly good luck with the dice, too, for a change – here my Riders needed a 5 or 6 to hit, and they were facing Warriors who only had 2 Cohesion points left.

This is my quota of sixes for the year

Incidentally Mark’s Skirmisher unit at top right in the photo wiped out my Mounted Skirmishers in a single round of shooting, and survived a charge from my Noble Riders (for a turn anyway). His other unit of Skirmishers was one of the last units of his army to flee.

Mark realised the night before the game that he had one fewer unit of Warriors than he thought, so he promoted a unit to Veteran status. One more unit might have made all the difference in the fight with my Shieldwall, or perhaps might have been available to screen his flank.


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