Rebasing and clearing the decks

I signed up to attend the DBA competition at Cancon next January, so I’m due to paint an army to take along there.

I was trying to finish off a pair of 1:1200 frigates beforehand, but when I had nearly finished rigging one of them the sails on her mizzen mast decided to fall off, trashing the mizzen backstays. I took that as a sign that I needed plenty of time to finish them, so I’ve made good what I can and put them aside for later. Doing that meant I had a couple of hours spare on Saturday so I set about finishing off some rebasing I had started ages ago.

Some element types in Hordes of the Things have fairly big bases, and I had merely flocked them, so they were looking rather bare (as you can see here). I decided to go to a bit of trouble prettying the bases up. My Magician and his skeletal bodyguards received a new base made of foamcore, with a stone floor effect (from what I remembered of this article). The skeletons had lots of flock stuck to their bases so I flocked an area at the back of the base, as if the floor was part of some overgrown ruins.

The Wizard on a foamcore stone floor

I bought some Army Painter Poison Ivy and used that as shrubbery for my Saxon Elf Lurkers to lurk in.

Elf lurkers – now with added shrubbery

Continuing on the ruins theme I added a collapsed column to Hengist’s base. The column is made from one of those wooden pegs that come with flatpack furniture.

Hengist with some Roman ruins

Horsa’s base now looks a bit more wild thanks to some Army Painter rocks and grass tufts.

Horsa – now with a moorland base

While I was working on those bases I finally got around to flocking the washers that my two bards for Dux Bellorum ‘Bardic Battle’ scenarios are mounted on.

Two Essex dismounted cavalrymen – bards for Dux Bellorum

That was great fun. I’m not usually that creative when I’m doing my basing, firstly because there’s not usually room on the base but also because I’m usually impatient to get the army finished!

5 responses to “Rebasing and clearing the decks

    • Thanks. They would have been nicer if I’d refreshed my memory of the Terragenesis article before I’d done that base, but when I saw the result it occurred to me that it would be pretty straightforward to make modular dungeon scenery for Song of Gold and Darkness, say.

  1. Funny you should have mentioned rigging those frigates – I’d just started back on a Spanish frigate I’ve had in the stocks for a while now – will be followed by Santa Ana.
    As to Henbgist & Horsa – love e’m!

    • Not sure I’ll ever have anything that can take on a 112 gunner. I have a 74 and an 80 unpainted but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have gone for, say, a 64 and an East Indiaman to fit in better with my frigates… and maybe some sixth rate and unrated ships. Must remember that it’s a catalogue not a checklist!

      • Well, I have a couple of 74s already done – one Brit, one Spanish. Santa Ana is just a case of “just for fun” – once I have the figate out of the way, I’ll probably look into another couple of smaller vessels – maybe another frigate each for the Brits an Spanish.

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