DBA at CANCON 2013 – Day 2

Day two of CANCON 2013 was for Books III and IV armies – for me it was all about Book IV as my army (Medieval German) and all the armies I faced were from Book IV.

The morning of day 2.

The morning of day 2.

My first opponent was Greg’s very attractive Burgundian Ordonnance army.

Facing Greg's Burgundians

Facing Greg’s Burgundians

I charged down the table to close with his troops as there were plenty of shooters. My Knight general went through Greg’s artillery and after a couple of bounds we had a bit of a ‘revolving door’ going on with my right and Greg’s right doing quite nicely. In my last bound I was 3-2 up and rather keen indeed to get that fourth element before Greg’s right got going, but it was not to be: Greg got two more elements in his bound so I lost 4-3.

Next up was Iain’s French Ordonnance. I was the defender, and although the fairly obvious tactic to use would have been to use my defender’s-swap to my Knights in the centre, facing Iain’s Blades, and heavy infantry off on the flank against his bows, I second guessed myself and didn’t do any swaps. The result was that my Spears crumbled against Iain’s Blades, and my Knights served as target practice for his Bows – a 5-1 loss.

Iain writes up the score sheet, note my seven elements facing his eleven.

Iain writes up the score sheet, note my seven elements facing his eleven.

After an early lunch I fought Andrew’s Ottomans.

My troops face the Ottomans

My troops face the Ottomans

Andrew attempted a flank attack with a group of three Light Horse making a wide sweep around the wood on my right. By the time they got around I’d organised a little reception committee, and the column was ZoC’ed from the flank by one of my Psiloi, who were joined by my general, and eventually by another Knight. The LH were in a prime position for me to flee them off the board, and I’d just made a start on that when Andrew charged my line of Spears with his cavalry and remaining Light Horse. The latter ended up pretty much on its own as it’s friends fled. I was very sad that we ran out of time at that point, I was itching to finish chasing Andrew’s flankers off the table, and close the door on the stuck Light Horse, all I needed was one more bound and about 4 PIPs.

Next I met Oliver and his Medieval French.

My deployment against the Medieval French

My deployment against the Medieval French

That was a fun game. I got off to a good start, breaking up Oliver’s line and causing some casualties, but I couldn’t get that fourth element. The battle raged on for so long that the French General ended up forcing the Knight he was up against to recoil all the way back from the centre of the table to off the rear edge – and we were using 28 inch tables. I even had the door closed on that guy and he still didn’t fold. I finally managed to get another of Oliver’s elements so I won 4-2.

Next up was Josh with 100 Years War English.

Ready to charge the English

Ready to charge the English

I did what I could to help Josh with his archery and artillery but with Knights vs Blades there was nothing I could do to avoid winning pretty quickly. I assumed when Josh put his Blades general down that he didn’t actually have the Knight option, so I didn’t advise him against choosing it, but I saw some Knights in the box as he was packing up. Oh well.

My last game of the tournament was against Mark Davies’ Komnenan Byzantines.

Ready to get smacked by the Komnenan Byzantines

Ready to get smacked by the Komnenan Byzantines

Once again my sanity deserted me and I left a pair of Knights in front of Mark’s massed Bows. I lost one in the first round of shooting but on the other flank my Crowsbows destroyed a Cavalry element Mark had supporting a Light Horse. Sensing victory I moved a pair of knights in to attack. Unfortunately 4 factors to 1 is of no benefit when you roll a 1 and your opponent rolls a 6. I lost another Knight to that same Light Horse, and then lots more, ending up 5-1 down.

All in all I had a very enjoyable time. My final ranking of 15th out of 22 means that hopefully I can only improve!


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