A Pyrrhic victory for the Libyan Egyptians

I had my first game at the Nunawading Wargames Association in a while last Friday, after the summer break. Michael was happy to play a number of games, so I chose a main course of DBA with my Book 1 armies, and a dessert of Michael’s Star Wars Miniatures. My Assyrians and Libyan Egyptians always provide a fun game so I took them along.

Michael was the defender and he put down two areas of marsh as well as the river Nile. The 24 inch board was a bit of a shock to me after having used 28 inch boards at CANCON. My ancient camps are way too big, as well, and the Assyrian army has quite a big footprint thanks to its heavy chariot and horde content, so I was fairly constrained at setup.

A rather cramped setup for the Neo Assyrians

A rather cramped setup for the Neo Assyrians

By the time I’d extricated myself from my setup, Michael had managed to move his Libu and Meshwesh warband out of the way of my chariotry to his left flank. I still had cavalry on that flank, and Michael’s line was a little forward there, so I could manage an overlap, so I decided to move my line in with my left slightly out of contact. That left my general within bowshot of Michael’s Egyptian archers, but at 4 factors each there’s only a 1 in 36 chance of something horrible happening, right? I should have learnt by now that I’m a 6-1 magnet, and sure enough my general went down. We decided to play out the turn because I had some pretty good matchups, and the weirdest thing happened – my auxilia took out Michael’s general!

The Assyrians and Libyans are suddenly lacking in leadership

The Assyrians and Libyans are suddenly lacking in leadership

After consulting the rules we found that neither of us had won yet. My next turn and Michael’s next turn came and went with no further casualties, but in the turn after that one of my cavalry was doubled in a 2-1 attack on Michael’s Meshwesh. As I expected, the Assyrians and Libyan Egyptians did provide a fun game – just not in the way I expected.

Star Wars Miniatures was fun – a bit like Wings of War but with a few added shiny things, like personality traits for the pilots (the Imperial pilots are no gentlemen), and the miniatures themselves, and Michael’s cool home made star mat. I played the Imperials, with two Tie fighters, against Michael’s single X-Wing. Michael has found that the Alliance has always won, and Friday was no exception. I think the best tactic for the Imperials is to try to stay out of the X-Wing’s frontal arc, even at the expense of getting in an attack. Eventually you should wear those rebels down!

My Tie fighters in a spot of bother

My Tie fighters in a spot of bother


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