Dux Bellorum demo

I played a game of Dux Bellorum with Matt at the Nunawading Wargames Association last Friday. Matt has played DBA and Glutter of Ravens with me, but he was new to Dux Bellorum. Matt brought his Romano British along, to fight my Saxons. I apologise in advance to anyone who is upset by my fielding kite shielded huscarles, by the way, I found them first and I couldn’t be bothered hunting out my earlier troops. Matt bought a fair number of skirmishers, which he strung along the front of his army, as well as some good quality riders. I went for a smaller army, with my commander supported by two bands of noble warriors, as well as spending five points on some mounted Welsh allies.

The situation at the start of the second turn.

The situation at the start of the second turn.

I sent my Welsh riders off to face Matt’s rather better cavalry, while on the other flank our skirmishers slugged it out. Matt had some bad luck trying to persuade the skirmishers across his front to retire, and my warriors ran them down. I piled Leadership Points on my lone band of riders and they were able to hold out against Matt’s riders long enough for a couple of my warrior units to catch them in the flank.

My warriors begin to get the upper hand

My warriors begin to get the upper hand

After taking out one unit of noble riders, Matt’s Mounted Companions exercised discretion and moved out of harm’s way for the rest of the game. Although Matt rolled a triple six in one combat roll against me, his six rolling continued when he was trying to get his shieldwall troops to move into the combat in the centre. That meant he was unable to make use of the superior numbers he had against me there, while I was still dealing with his riders. The loss of his skirmishers also meant that Matt began to fall behind in Leadership Points, so I was able to wear him down and win the game.

The end of the game, the Saxons shatter the Romano British line

The end of the game, the Saxons shatter the Romano British line

We both enjoyed ourselves. We noticed that a game lasts a good deal longer than a DBA game, even though there are fewer units. That’s because so much more goes on, but also in Friday’s game I’d forgotten my boxes of dice, so we took forever to roll through the combats!


4 responses to “Dux Bellorum demo

  1. Thanks for the report. I have Dux Bellorum, but am yet to play a game. The only thing that puts me off is the multiple markers – ugly to my mind.

    • Cosmetics are important but you mustn’t fret too much about them. You should just play the game with what you have, knowing that one day you will use better markers if you come across them, or make better ones if you can. For example in the pictures in the rulebook they have used green dice to mark casualties, which are more discrete than my black and red ones against a green base cloth.

    • If your 1066 figures look as good as the LOTR ones on your blog, it would be a very stupid man indeed who would object to using them.

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