What I did on my holidays

In the run up to Christmas I was feeling a little trapped by the ACW painting project that I had embarked on, which was feeling interminable. But I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished the figure painting, and now I’m building terrain. I think if there’s a next time I’ll break the process up more, rather than doing all my infantry (in batches), and then all my artillery and generals. I don’t have enough figures for a full scale Fire and Fury game, but I worked out that I can play Regimental Fire and Fury games scaled down to the brigade level rules. That would have battles of generally about 35 bases a side, on a 60x50cm board. I will be joining in with other players for ‘proper’ games.

I’ll take a photo of the figures this weekend, but here’s a shot of a trial setup I did the other day, when I was checking how everything might look. There’s still a bit of work (!) but I think it will look pretty cute when it’s done.

A trial setup to check how everything will size up. This is Casey's Redoubt (believe it or not) on a 60x50 cm template.

A trial setup to check how everything will size up. This is Casey’s Redoubt (believe it or not) on a 60×50 cm template.

For a bit of fun (a break from that ACW painting), at the last Nunawading Wargames Association meeting for 2013 I managed to organise (well it didn’t take much organising) a four (and later on a five) player game of WWI Wings of War / Wings of Glory. Mark brought his collection along, so together with my SE5 we had a Snipe, a Seimens Schuckert DIII, the obligatory red Fokker Triplane, and a Fokker DVII. Very good fun was had by all, including two newbies. I think both sides got 5 kills each. My favourite moment was when Mark and I, having raced past each other, both chose to perform Immelman turns that resulted in our planes going head-to-head.

Mark's SSW DIII and my SE5 come head to head after some fancy aerobatics.

Mark’s SSW DIII and my SE5 come head to head after some fancy aerobatics.

I also took a day out from the family holiday down at the beach to come back to Melbourne for a Fast Play Grande Armee battle, part of a War of the 2nd Coalition campaign I’m taking part in. I don’t know that I can give much detail, not wanting to spoil things for the players on other fronts (the internet being faster than horse couriers), but it was a pretty decent sized battle on a fairly constrained battlefield, so not a lot of manoeuver and a bit of a slogging match. One of the ‘French’ players, new to FPGA, set up his artillery in a grand battery along the front of his infantry, and thereby highlighted a wee issue with the rules. Counter battery fire is pretty useless in FPGA, so the artillery acted as an artillery-proof shield for the infantry. The lines were so close together that the impact on the battle was minimal, and I’ve played maybe twenty games without seeing this, but it’s interesting how a new player can highlight issues that had never come up before. Anyway, we’ll come up with a house rule for that, I’m sure. FPGA was only ever a draft conversion of Grande Armee, but it’s a great start, and the house rules that the guys have come up with work nicely.

A very crowded battlefield (Austrians in the foreground) "Somewhere in Bavaria"

A very crowded battlefield (Austrians in the foreground) “Somewhere in Bavaria”


3 responses to “What I did on my holidays

  1. I have to say that I loved the way the SSW DII could “zip around”. A top little plane (and something of a favourite – not as much as an Albatros DVa, but getting there). Really enjoyed getting back to WoW / WoG.
    Somewhere I Bavaria looks great! – used well, 6mm minis do work, I will admit.

    • I like the look of Albatroses too, but they are pretty stodgy flyers. I see that Ares have brought out Albatros DIIs in attractive schemes – Boelke’s in particular. http://www.aresgames.eu/games/ww1-wings-of-glory-line/ww1-wings-of-glory-airplane-packs/albatros-d-ii
      Andrew’s collection combines the mass effect which works best with 6mm, with decent terrain. Ugly terrain can really let nicely painted figures down, although I empathise with those who’ve spent time painting figures and just want to get on and use them.

      • Damn, Alby IIs. And Spad VIIs. Looks like more buying when I get the chance (I still need to get Dallas’ Tripehound, too)!
        I don’t play the WWII version, but I am tempted – Dora 9’s from the Pappagei Staffel! They will look pretty schmick with their red undersides – and I love their personal slogans.
        As to ugly terrain – yeah, I know what you mean. Good terrain, however (I offer you John Shaw’s LotR games at NWA open days….)

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