Beauregard for the day

Me and the guys finally got together for a game of Fire and Fury last weekend, starting appropriately with First Bull Run (properly Manassas because the Confederates won, and the winner normally gets naming rights). Chip has put together a gallery here on the nice blog he’s put together. Chip played the Union side, while I was Beauregard, and Andrew umpired. Evans’ brigade failed to make the epic stand that it did in real life and succumbed to a massive Union attack in the first turn. A succession of dreadful rallying rules led to the brigade breaking every turn until it was destroyed. In real life they put up an epic defense, thanks to this character

Nathan George Evans - an inspirational commander

Nathan George Evans – an inspirational commander

The result may have been to do with something that Andrew pointed out – Fire and Fury has fog of war at the brigade level, but the divisions all do what you want them to, and changing a brigade’s orders is automatic – no wig wag semaphore required! One of the things about First Bull Run is that it no one had had any practice at fighting a battle involving that many troops. But Evans’ small brigade would have been very lucky to not be destroyed in short order under the rules anyway, so I wonder if the scenario couldn’t have started with the Union 10:00 move, and had the Confederate reinforcements further forward – in reality Bee’s and Bartow’s commands sat on Evans’ right on Matthew’s Hill so Evans wasn’t on his own for long, although the Union were on his end of the line. There’s another thing with the scenario – Cockes’ brigade should start with 16 stands, not 6!

All in all, though, the game went like clockwork, and we are keen to play more.


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