Hittites, Mycenaeans, and British

Kingo, who I used to play DBA with at the Fairfield Bowling Club, has been selling off his unwanted DBA armies lately, so I picked up a couple: Mycenaeans and Hittites. I originally painted the Mycenaean army in exchange for some 1:1200 Napoleonic ships, so for my money I bought some unpainted ships, a painted army, and an unpainted army (which is now painted), which isn’t bad.

The Mycenaeans, using Magister Militum figures, are a bit of a mix of Early (DBA I/18) and Later (DBA I/26a), so there are a few purchases I would like to make so that I’m a little more comfortable with fielding both armies, but the army can be fielded as both now. Thankfully no one makes the correct Later Mycenaean Rail Chariots in 15mm scale, so there’s no need for me to double up on those!??????????????????????????????? The Hittites have grown on me over the years. My first encounter with them was Angus McBride’s illustration (in Armies of the Ancient Middle East) of a pasty guy with bad hair, which was hardly inspiring. The Osprey Warrior book about them was also a bit ordinary, the idea of large bodies of uniformed troops in 1300BC is a little too much for me. But when I watched a documentary about them and their rediscovery, saw how cool a painted Hittite army could look, saw the pictures of the reconstructed walls of Hattuscha, and read that Khadesh couldn’t have been the walkover that the Egyptians painted it as, since they made peace immediately afterwards, I added them to my wants list, and here they are.??????????????????????????????? No sooner had they arrived than I saw a post on the Fanaticus Forum saying that they had been completely ruined by DBA 3.0. It turns out that all I have to do is borrow a couple of auxilia bases from my Hebrew army and say they are Syrian levies, until I paint some ‘proper’ ones. Catastrophe averted.

Otherwise I’ve been doing the block painting on my first batch of British vehicles for Chain of Command. That’s pretty much done, so now I’ve just got the decals and loads of weathering to do. It’s been fun so far though. ???????????????????????????????Michael came around for a game of Chain of Command last week. He was impressed with the game. We played very slowly so we stopped before we reached a conclusive result but it looked like there might have been a revolving door thing going on with both of our left flanks looking rather crumbly. I didn’t keep detailed notes, but at least I’ve got the F-stop thing on my camera nearly worked out.

German troops somewhat beleagured in an orchard.

German troops somewhat beleaguered in an orchard.

And British troops beleaguering them.

And British troops beleaguering them.


5 responses to “Hittites, Mycenaeans, and British

    • They are nice. I used them a couple of years ago at the Nunawading Club but nothing since. And we used them once, many years ago, at Fairfield, when Kingo owned them! I’m going to need to learn how to ape their painting style when I add some 3Ax for DBA 3.0.

      • That’s been my challenge with the Marian Romans I got. I was able to touch them up a bit to fit my style as they weren’t based. You don’t have that option.

      • Funny you should say that, because they are based in a not so clever way. They are on perspex bases, and it looks like the figures have been glued on to the protective paper that’s only attached to the perspex by static.

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