Marder in progress

I’m about half way through the 1/72 Marder I’m buiding for Chain of Command. It’s from the Ukrainian manufacturer UM.

The Marder IIIH was less common in Europe than the Marder IIIM, which used the reworked hull with a front mounted engine, but I had the kit and it will be handy when I game other theatres of the war.

My biggest challenge so far has been the ‘link and length’ tracks. This is the fifth kit I’ve made that uses that system and it doesn’t seem that I’m learning much. I followed the guidance in the Osprey book on Small Scale Armour Modelling, and left the idler wheels and sprockets loose until I put the tracks on, but I glued on the road wheels and return rollers the night before. I think it may have been easier if I’d done everything on the one night, so I could adjust things. The results aren’t too terrible but I may have to make my Marder somewhat muddy! It certainly isn’t the kit’s fault, as this guy seems to have managed to do his perfectly. The kit also comes with an etched brass fret for a few little reinforcing bits, a tool box, and a detail for the engine deck. I’ve only done the reinforcing thingies so far, and they were straightforward, if fiddly. I see from photos of the UM Hetzer that the same pieces are more complex.

The little UM Marder, with about 70 pieces left to go on.

The little UM Marder, with about 70 pieces left to go on.

As you can see, the vehicle is very small indeed. I have some AB figures panzerjaeger crewmen, and I have some Preiser figures too, but I’m not sure how I’ll fit a full crew complement in.


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