Delay at Arthenay

Sunday saw the second game in the 29 Let’s Go! Campaign for the Chain of Command rules.

Given the pasting that the German platoon took in the previous game, and the US player got a full platoon, the result was something of a forgone conclusion. I took the German side because we were expecting a few newbie players who might not appreciate receiving a drubbing in their first ever game. In the event, only one new player, Scott, was able to attend, so he helped Mark with some stellar dice rolling.

My German platoon was down to only 17 men, so I tried using one squad with an MG team and seven riflemen, and two ‘squads’ of an MG team and an NCO, plus a panzerschreck team and the platoon commander. With my ten support points I chose a minefield, a sniper team, a tripod-mounted MG, and a second panzerschreck team, in case the die rolling I did for my off-table Marder SP guns was as bad as Andrew’s was for his off-table 88s in the previous game.

I used the tactic of waiting until there was a US unit in the open before I deployed units to shoot at them. That was partially successful but unfortunately my die rolling was appalling, and even when it was average I lacked the firepower to pin the big US squads.

We found that placing sniper figures on the table didn’t work because the opposition finds it impossib

My platoon commander and NCOs were very busy rallying the shattered remnants of the platoon and sending them back into the fray.

In the end I was pleased that with the loss of eight men and a tank, the US victory was somewhat Pyrrhic, as Pyrrhic as my defense was, anyway. The game was good and challenging, but I’m not sure you would want to play the Germans in this campaign if you cared much about losing.

One of the good things about Too Fat Lardies games is that they tend to produce a good story. Chip, in something of a busman’s holiday, spent pretty much the entire game with his nose in his tablet taking notes so he could use the ComicBook! app (I think) to produce these little gems:

Arthenay 1Arthenay 2Arthenay 3Arthenay 4Arthenay 5Arthenay 6

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