A Marder, a Grille, and a church

I finally got around to finishing my 1/72 Marder III H from UM last week. Ages ago it received a base coat of Tamiya Dark Yellow, dulled down and lightened with Deck Tan. Over the last couple of weeks since my previous CoC game I’ve had enough mild weather to give it an airbrushed camouflage of Olive Green and Red Brown (also from Tamiya), using Blu Tack for masking, which was fun. I used some of the decals that came with the kit, although I didn’t follow the instructions for them. Finally the Marder received a coat of Pledge One Go, a wash with thinned down Vallejo Model Wash, and a quick weathering airbrush job with Humbrol Sand Wash. Although I added white to the olive green, it could still be a bit lighter, although it’s still in the acceptable range for that colour, which varied in shade depending on what the paste was mixed with by whoever painted the tank (used sump oil, water, petrol, etc), and how the paint was applied. The crew figures are from the excellent AB Figures range, stocked by Eureka Miniatures.

Waiting for business: a UM Marder IIIH and a resin Grille M.

Waiting for business: a UM Marder IIIH and a resin Grille M.

Sharing the limelight in the picture above is a Grille Ausf. M. That was a second hand resin model. I’m not sure who the manufacturer was but the tracks have been cast from a model with ‘rubber band’ tracks – maybe the old Fujimi Pz 38(t). The model was fairly roughly cast – lots of bubbles in inconvenient places, but it looks OK with a basic camouflage scheme, weathering a la the Marder, and an AB Figures crew. The Grille will be standing in for a Marder soon.

As well as the German vehicles I took the opportunity to finish off a Daimler armoured car I’d started when I painted my British vehicles I had to order some Arm of Service markings from Aleran to finish this one off. The model itself was second hand, and missing it’s guns. The 2 Pounder is from a useful set by Friendship Models, and the commander is from a Plastic Soldier Company Churchill.???????????????????????????????

Lastly I’ve been working on a church from Kibri.???????????????????????????????

I slapped it together really quickly, and I’m even tempted to use it without painting it, at least initially. It should look like this:

The church at Aumenau (near Limburg). Pic from Wikipedia.

The church at Aumenau (near Limburg). Pic from Wikipedia.

2 responses to “A Marder, a Grille, and a church

    • Thanks. There are a few things that I wouldn’t be that happy with if I had been building it as a modeller, but as a wargame build I’m happy. I love the AB figures crewmen.

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