A start on the Red Army of Workers and Peasants

I finished the first platoon of my 15mm Soviet WWII force last weekend.

These are figures from the Flames of War range. The two packs I had were quite different in the sculpting, one set are plain and more robust guys, and the others are smaller but with a bit more detail. The figures are all on the small side, so they should look OK next to my small 15mm JR Miniatures buildings. They are pretty basic compared to the 15mm figures that ancient wargamers have access to. Their faces are pretty blank and the castings are nothing to write home about, but they are quick to paint. I’m a lot of the way through my second platoon already.

A platoon of Red Army infantry

A platoon of Red Army infantry

What 15mm figures can look like - these are mostly Chariot Miniatures

What 15 mm figures with faces look like – these are mostly Chariot Miniatures

I imagine that my force will be used for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum first, but I don’t see why it won’t work for Chain of Command – I’ve used small bases so that casualties can be removed more easily and I have some dead guys that I can use to mark individual casualties (eventually, when I can be bothered painting them). I also want to try out the Battlegroup Kursk rules, as well as Grey Storm Red Steel – an old fashioned but really well researched rules set. I think all three of the company level rules sets will have their uses depending on the scenario that’s being played. IABSM is a fast play all-rounder, but the card deck can get a bit big sometimes, GSRS is very detailed – if you send an order by a runner he is represented on the tabletop, which is great but not for a quick 2 hour game, and BGK should be able to handle fairly large actions well.


What do you think?

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