More heavy fighting at Cardonville

I’ve been remiss in not writing up the games we’ve played in the 29, Let’s Go! Chain of Command campaign. Since we played the final game last Saturday, I’d better catch up!

COC Cardonville 2

After the bloody nose that the US forces received the first time they attacked the German positions at Cardonville (writeup here), they committed a fresh platoon with a tank section in support and tried launched another assault.

Mark played the Germans, and Chip and Andrew played the US. The US players deployed a squad and a .30 cal in and around the farmhouse, with another squad in line to the north. Their main thrust was along the south edge of the table: a squad with tank support.

Mark cleverly deployed his troops in the south orchard around the barn, far enough back so that they could only be seen by troops to their front. This neutralised the US fire support, who were deployed around the farm complex. The supporting squad eventually got bored and joined the attack.


The Germans skulk in the orchard, safely out of sight of the troops in the farm complex.

The US squad to the north thought about advancing but after trading a few shots with a squad that the Germans had deployed to cover that flank, they didn’t really do much, starved of activations by the main action.

The Germans deployed a 50mm AT gun, which exchanged fire with the two Shermans, but only damaged them both before the crew were suppressed.

By this stage, the squad that the US were attacking with were out in the open and looking a bit shaky, having taken more than their fair share of fire from the Germans in the orchard. But they, supported by the tanks and another squad, forged ahead.


The Germans got two of their squads firing on one US squad. Even though the US had good fire support, things were looking dicey.

At this point, disaster struck. A stray mortar stonk landed directly on top of the US attack, pinning the US infantry.


The US squad is, well, stuffed. You can see the Sherman moving into position.

Without their supporting infantry, one of the Shermans blundered into the orchard, where a brave landser earned his tank destruction badge with a shot from his Panzerfaust.

Since their attack was failing, and their morale was low, the Americans withdrew.


2 responses to “More heavy fighting at Cardonville

  1. Hi folks, I have found your site while searching for the meaning of “Cybopob”… It was a pleasure to read your article about the game. Unfortunately “learning chain of command” is on my todo list for this year, so I did not get all of the details. I checked the notify-boxes and look forward to reading new stories from you.

    • Thanks. Yes it’s a little tricky finding the balance between writing an interesting battle report and writing a battle report that explains the rules clearly.

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