Hittites vs Mitanni with DBA

My old friend Mark brought his family from New Zealand for a visit a few weeks ago, so we took the opportunity to play a couple of DBA 3.0 games in the evenings. Mark brought his Mitanni over, so I chose my Hittites to face them.

In the first game, Mark chose the more solid option for his army, fielding ‘solid’ bows and auxilia. I chose the light option for my Hittites, by miscounting my elements and forgetting an element of psiloi.

I set up with my pikes facing the Mitanni chariotry, hoping that my chariots and light infantry could deal with their foot.


My setup, showing my fancy setup templates, which took all of five minutes to put together


And a closer view showing the opposition

That might have been a good plan, but because I’d left my horde out of the battle line, and my psiloi were a little late for the game, my left flank was pretty flimsy.


My inadequate left flankers attempting to contest the high ground


At least with them gone it meant I could get a good close up

I also had very ordinary luck with the dice, so although the pikes held their own against the Mitanni chariots, they failed to decisively win any combats.


The Mitanni are poised to roll up the Hittites now

Late on I managed to destroy an element of horde, but of course that didn’t count, and the Mitanni were able to roll us up.

The next game started better for me, because I remembered to put my all my army on the table. Mark opted to field the light option for his army, with two fast auxilia and two psiloi.

My setup was more conventional this time, with my infantry mostly in the battle line and a small mobile reserve.


The setup for the second game. The tent is a hamlet until I get a BUA terrain piece built.

Command distance turned out to be a problem in this game. Mark had set up a portion of his army on the far side of a hamlet from his general, so he had issues there, once we determined that hamlets block line of sight. I went and placed my general on the left of the other element of my reserve. And then kind of forgot, when I moved him to go around the flank, that he needed to be near the centre to coordinate things.


First losses on the left. Mark and I are down one auxilia each.

In the first game both battle lines remained fairly coherent, but in the second game we ended up all over the place. My horde chased an element of Mitanni chariots back three times. Apparently the second time they fought I had an opportunity to close the door on the enemy element, using an element of pikes, but I failed to notice. Eventually the Mitanni general came to the chariot’s rescue.


Entropy is setting in. At the top centre my horde is chasing some Mitanni nobles.

Mark found himself in a position to put in an attack on my camp, but that wasn’t successful. In the end, after confused fighting, Mark won 4-2. Although that looks pretty decisive, it was a close game, and it could easily have gone differently.


The situation toward the end of the game. I seem to be down two chariots, a pike, and an auxilia (plus my horde, which doesn’t count as a loss). Mark has lost an auxilia and a chariot.

I’d forgotten what a great game DBA is. It’s a shame there aren’t that many players in Melbourne, at least players who actually play the game. It’s weird actually because the DBA scene seems to be thriving in the ACT and New South Wales. I guess I should do something about that…

3 responses to “Hittites vs Mitanni with DBA

  1. Thanks for this write up. I have some photos on my phone, but haven’t got around to doing anything with them. I really enjoyed these games, and the I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum one (if that’s the right ruleset).

    Ordinary luck with the dice for the first game is a bit of an understatement! But playing 10 against 12 made your life a lot harder too.

    • Yes the first game was something of a shocker! But it was of the ‘what a shocker, I need to play again soon’ variety. I’ll be writing up that Chain of Command game at some stage.

      • We’re fortunate here; there’s a few who like DBA now and again.

        Chain of Command – I knew I had the name wrong. That’s a game that I’d like to play again, though I’m less familiar with the period in many ways.

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