Section 1: The Chariot Period

Most of my DBA armies are from this section of the army lists, although you do have to poke around a little to find armies that aren’t just a bunch of auxilia and psiloi with a light chariot general.

My original intention with these armies was to collect small forces for DBMM armies, which would then be bulked up by allied contingents made from DBA armies with a few extra elements painted. My enthusiasm for that has waned, but I still like the look of the armies.

The armies I have in this section are:

I/6c Early Bedouins

I/18 Minoan and Early Mycenaean

I/22 New Kingdom Egyptian

I/24 Hittite Empire

I/26 Achaians

I/27 Early Hebrew

I/29 Philistine

I/38 Libyan Egyptian

I/34 Later Hebrew

I/43 Kimmerian, Skythian, & Early Hu

I/45 Neo-Assyrian Empire

I/61 Early Carthaginian