DBA I/29 Philistine

The Philistines were the descendents of settlers who moved into the Middle East from the Aegean around 1200BC. They ended up being subjugated by the Assyrians and their successors.

In DBA, this army lacks bite, but I managed to beat the Assyrians once in a solo game where the spearmen had both flanks well protected by woods, so they were able to hold the Assyrian horse off while their chariots and light troops put paid to the Assyrian foot.

Philistine General and chariotry

Philistine General and chariots

The Light Chariot General is supported by a single element of chariots. These figures are from Essex miniatures, apart from the strange archer who is from Hall of Ancient Warriors. The General will be swapped into a more brightly painted chariot once I paint the additional figures to make a DBMM100 army.

Philistine spearmen

Philistine spearmen

The main body of the army consists of 6 elements of spearmen. I have chosen to represent them wearing leather armour, but it may have been bronze. Most of these are Essex miniatures – I can’t remember where I got the few taller figures from.

Philistine Light Foot

Philistine Light Foot

2 elements of auxilia and 2 of psiloi round off the army. There are enough of them to provide useful flank protection. I’m a bit dubious about the Syro Canaanite figures I used for the psiloi, but they’ll do for now! Most figures are from Essex miniatures, the Syro Canaanites being from Magister Militum.

2 responses to “DBA I/29 Philistine

  1. I remember these chaps well! I led them to defeat against the Early Bedouin a couple of years ago when I visited. It was pretty much my first game of DBA, and inspired me to get serious about buying and painting some armies of my own.

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