DBA I/38 Libyan Egyptian

This army represents 21st -24th dynasty northern Egypt, which was heavily influenced by a Libyan warrior class.

Chariotry and cavalry

Chariotry and cavalry

There are 3 Light Chariot elements (including the General), and 1 of cavalry. The colour scheme for the Pharaoh’s chariot is based on a fresco in the British Museum – colourful, but anachronistic.

Invincible Meshwesh and Libu

Invincible Meshwesh and Libu

Unusually for a Biblical army, this army contains 3 warband. It would be a lot easier to use if there were 4 of them though, as 1 is always unsupported. The Wb elements represent Libyan warriors of the Meshwesh and Libu tribes. They are depicted in Egyptian art as having quite light skins, and tattoos.

Mixed foot

Mixed foot

The remainder of the army is quite a mixed bag – 1 Bw, 1 Bd, and 3 Ps elements. The Bd represents the Royal Guard, so should more properly be the Shardana Royal Guard figures that I have yet to paint, rather than the New Kingdom close fighters here. Once I paint more Libyans for my DBMM100 army, I might use some of them rather than the Nubian psiloi, but both are in the DBMM army list, so they are OK.

I realised this summer that I have enough figures painted to field a New Kingdom Egyptian army too.

Most figures are Essex Miniatures, but the excellent Libyans are Magister Militum, and the blade are Museum Miniatures.


6 responses to “DBA I/38 Libyan Egyptian

  1. Forgot to mention that the chariot horses are from Chariot (Magister Militum) – I find they fit on the base better than the large Essex horses.

    • Thanks. I’ve tried them one night at the Fairfield Bowling Club (Wargames Section) and they one twice against the Assyrians. The first time was a narrow (4-3) win, and the second time they managed to catch a few weaker units before the Assyrian chariotry could run them over. They’re a bit tricky because you never seem to have enough of what you want.

  2. Compared to the horrendously monotone armies that I’ve got, they seem to have lots of goodies! I generally have armies with too much of one thing and not enough of anything else, so this looks an interesting army to me.

    You’ve got a fair bit of LCh/3Cv, which are pretty solid against most things. and those Meshwesh definitely have the coolness factor, which is all-important for Wb! You just have to find the right target for them. I could see how you might want more Bd and Bw, but I reckon they’ve got enough to make those Wb the winning part of the army. The rest are all just there to support them, especially the LCh and the Ps!

    I think the Bd is useful with Wb for dislodging any troublesome Ps support of any target for the Wb. Flank them with the Wb and point them at any foot that has a Ps support. Get the Bd to go first, Hopefully it will recoil the element with the Ps support and create overlaps for the Wb to go to town. Not sure how easy it is to set up, but when it works it’d be lovely!

    • Four warband would be nice, otherwise you have one unsupported one. I also find myself sending the 3Cv off on its own rather than massing it with the chariotry or at least pairing it with a chariot. It’s just because it looks different!

  3. True, but Wb rely on panache and luck as much as support, so I wouldn’t let that worry you! The rear support might actually cramp their style! I see what you mean about the 3Cv, though.

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