DBA I/34 Later Hebrew

This list follows on, unsurprisingly, from the Early Hebrew list. It covers the period from roughly when the Hebrew lands became more substantial kingdoms than the ‘chiefdoms’ of the earlier list, until the capture of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

The Later Hebrew army arrayed

Saul’s United Monarchy, and later Israel and Judah grew to a size where they both needed and could afford chariotry. I’ve only painted the heavy chariots for the ‘c’ list at the moment, light chariots for the ‘a’ and ‘b’ lists will follow. These are Essex Assyrian chariots with the crews mostly from Museum Miniatures. They are a little big but very nicely done. If I ever field an army for DBMM or FoG these will fit in with my Assyrians. Levantine military equipment of the time was heavily influenced by Assyrian and Ugaritic designs, so these are fine. The Israelite shield bearers will also fit in with an Assyrian army as they seemed to regard their Israelite levies highly.

Heavy chariotry

The elite Royal Guard are rated just the same as any other auxillia in DBA. I’ve used Museum Miniatures Assyrian figures for these.

Royal Guards (David’s mighty men)

There is an optional lone Spear element in this army, representing Philistine or Aegean merecenaries. I doubt I will field it much. This element comes from my Philistine  army.

Philistine mercenary spearmen

The bulk of this army is auxillia and psiloi. I painted a few elements of auxillia with ‘iron’ spearheads just for this army, and it’s rounded off with auxillia and psiloi from my Early Hebrews. In the earlier sublists this army would have predominantly bronze weapons, with bronze being pretty rare indeed in the ‘c’ list.

Hebrew medium infantry spearmen (auxillia in DBA)

and two psiloi to support them.

The two heavy chariots will give this army a fairly limited capability against armies with mounted troops but they will need close support from the auxillia to avoid being swamped. It will be handy for cohesion having the entire army being able to move at 300 paces per turn, but the greater mobility of the light chariots in the ‘b’ list might make that one more versatile. Finally here’s a picture of the army with the maximum number of auxillia.

Nine auxillia in this deployment – is that a record?

5 responses to “DBA I/34 Later Hebrew

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  2. The chariots make for a bit more punch. Pretty heavy on Ax, but the all-time Ax army is the Samnites with 11. Hardly a balanced force!

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  4. In your opinion how “big” are the Museum Miniatures? I’m using the Caesar Hebrew set which is very close to 20mm. If the MM were close it would help. Thanks!

    • Museum figures are about 16mm foot-to eye, making them around 18mm tall, or 20mm from the bottom of the base to the top of a pointy helmet. The Plastic Soldier Review website gives 23mm as the average height for one of the Caesar Hebrew set. So even big 15mm figures would look small next to them.

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