DBA III/71 Anglo Danish

List III/71 covers ‘English’ armies from the conquest by Sven Forkbeard in 1014 until the completion of the Norman Conquest. Actually it’s a bit of an early start for the list because there was to-ing and fro-ing between Aethelred and Cnut for a year or so after Sven’s death. The 1075 end date refers to the end of the Revolt of the Earls, which included Waltheof, Earl of Northumbia. Waltheof was a Saxon but I doubt his army resembled this list very closely – more likely it could have looked like a spear-heavy IV/3. Anyway this list follows the usual method of deriving a DBA army list when there’s been a conquest, which is to take the list before and replace the aristocracy. In this case we have list III/24 with three spearmen elements removed and replaced by Huscarles – household troops of the nobility equipped with the fearsome Danish axe.

Ut! Ut! Ut! The Anglo Danish stand ready.

The Bayeux Tapestry shows one of these fellows beheading a Norman horse. Ironically in DBA the Blades element will be the weak point of the army when facing mounted troops. These figures are from Khurasan miniatures.

Anglo Danish Huscarles

They are nicely animated but the detail is a little vague. Their shields are a pain to do anything too fancy with as the bosses are out of scale. Another problem I had was making the straight shields stay on the figures’ curved backs. The Wyvern of Wessex is also somewhat massive. It’s meant to be a Dragon Standard like in III/24a but this one is not very well animated and it’s hard to make it look like it’s anything other than a lump of lead on a stick. But after all that complaining I still like the figures!

What do you think?

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