My Wargames Miniatures

When my wife and I were discussing my taking up wargaming she said “Oh well, even if you’re no good at playing, at least they’ll look good on the shelf.” I don’t have a display shelf yet, so I guess my blog will have to do…

DBA Armies

Section One: The Chariot Period

I/6 Early Bedouin
I/22 New Kingdom Egyptian
I/27 Early Hebrew
I/29 Philistine
I/34 Later Hebrew
I/38 Libyan Egyptian
I/43 Cimmerian, Scythian, or Early Hu
I/45 Neo Assyrian Empire
I/61 Early Carthaginian

Section Two: The Classical Period

II/81 Sub Roman British

Section Three: The Early Medieval Period

III/24 Middle Anglo Saxon
III/52 East Frank
III/64 Nikephorian Byzantine
III/67 Early Hungarian
III/71 Anglo Danish
III/72 Communal Italian
III/75 Konstantinian Byzantine
III/76 Papal Italian

Section Four: The High Medieval Period

IV/1 Komnenan Byzantine
IV/5 Sicilian
IV/13 Medieval German


3 responses to “My Wargames Miniatures

  1. My wife won’t let me put my minis up on shelves, sometimes I am lucky if she doesn’t destroy my stuff! Your wife sounds more understanding than mine!

    • Yes well it depends on the choice of figure – a nice sailing ship, yes, a corpse impaled on a stake (which I’ve yet to paint for my Assyrian camp)… probably not. Your Oggams are rather cute though.

      • Thanks, I am rather fond of the Oggam myself too! However it wouldn’t stop my wife from accidentally breaking them! She just doesn’t see the point to wargaming and has little respect for any minis. I will just have to get my revenge if she gets anymore antique dolls!

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