DBA III/52 East Franks

This army list covers the eastern part of Charlemagne’s empire, from its partition in 888 after the deposition of Charles the Fat, to the death of Henry IV in 1106. From the early 10th century the kingdom became known as the kingdom of Germany. It also inherited the title of Holy Roman Empire. I’ve modelled my army as an 11th century force, so it can be used against my Italians, Byzantines, Hungarians, Normans, and Arabs.

The East Frankish army arrayed

The core of this army (and optionally all of it) is knights. I’ve painted 6 of them, including the command, but there can be up to 12. These are all Old Glory Normans and Norman Command figures. The flag is a representation of the ‘gold-woven gonfanon’ of the Salian dynasty mentioned in a book I found on Google. Since the last of the Salians died in 1125 this should also do me for an Early Medieval German army.

East Frankish milites

Two of the 3Kn represent Swabian or Bavarian knights who frequently fought dismounted. To that end, in DBA they are capable of dismounting as 4Bd. These are a mixture of Old Glory Swabians, Norman Spearmen, and Norman Command figures, apart from a lone Museum Miniatures axeman. I went for the mixture as I don’t believe that knights would have been so uniform as to all fight with two handed swords, as the figure manufacturers would have it. Some of the Old Glory figures were wearing mystery non-chainmail armour. Hedging my bets, I’ve painted some as if it’s supposed to be lamellar, which the Germans may have acquired in Italy, one in leather, and one in an arming jacket. I think the non metallic options have ended up looking better.

Dismounted Swabian knights

I have painted the optional 3Cv element, representing Saxon, Thuringian, or Bohemian cavalry. They should prove handy, if a little overworked, as flank guards, and against Bw. These figures are from Essex Miniatures Dark Ages types, and they were great fun to paint.

Thuringian cavalry

For infantry, this army has four 4Sp and a 2Ps element. Most of these figures are borrowed from my Commumal Italian army except the freshly painted Sp element on the left.

Spearmen with skirmishing archers in support

Two of the 4Sp are optionally 7Hd but I don’t think I’ll be fielding those much. These figures are borrowed from my Communal Italian army. The tent is a ‘gothic’ tent by Baueda.

Peasant levies guard the camp


5 responses to “DBA III/52 East Franks

    • Thanks. There’s still the second half of the modular camp to do, and I’m thinking of attaching some field grass as a finishing touch, where the flock’s not stuck and to hide the join at the base of the Woodland Scenics tree.

  1. Are those also your new hills in the background? they look very good. Do figures slide on them?

    • Thanks, I should do a post about how I finished them. The gentle hills seem pretty good on the not sliding – I’ve yet to try the steep ones in action but testing seemed to indicate they were OK too. Of course as soon as I use them I will find that from a certain angle, depending on the day of the week etc, spear will fall over.

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