DBA I/22b New Kingdom Egyptian

This list covers the army of New Kingdom Egypt from 1199 to the end of the New Kingdom with the death of Ramesses XI in 1069. The troops in this army come from the Libyan Egyptian allied contingent for my DBMM Neo-Assyrians. As spare time allows I will paint up the odd element here or there to make the army more truely ‘New Kingdom’. The comments below will be less equivocal then.

The army arrayed.

There are four LCh elements in the army. According to the commentary in the corresponding DBMM army list the chariotry was there to support the infantry. These chariots are from my Libyan Egyptian army so they are a little bit late for the period. Properly they would be the ’round’ chariots and they can have chariot runner figures added for a bit of character. I’m not too worried though, as the colour scheme comes from a reproduction of a New Kingdom fresco in the British Museum, but it might be fun to paint some ‘real’ NKE chariots just for this army one day.

Egyptian chariotry, the Pharaoh is 2nd in from the left.

Half of the main body of the infantry is three elements of Blades. The DBA list gives the choice of using 3Bd or 4Bd. In the early period (III/22a) most would seem to be 3Bd shielded Egyptian infantry, with a minority being the groovy heavy axemen I have used, as the 4Bd. III/22b would have a much more cosmopolitan look, with either shielded Egyptian infantry or Sherden troops as the 4Bd, or either shielded Egyptians, or Sherden or other Sea Peoples as the 3Bd. As a further option a 4Bd in I/22b could be Sherden Royal Guard figures with their horned helmets augmented by a sun disk. The figures I have used are Museum Miniatures, but I have an element of Essex Miniatures Sherden Royal Guard in my painting queue. The good burghers of the Fanaticus forum suggest that the 3Bd would give a more cohesive army as they have the same base depth as the other foot in the army, by the way.

Egyptian close fighters

The third major troop type in the army is three 4Bw Egyptian archers. These are a mixture of Essex Miniatures and Black Hat figures. Although the chunky Black Hat figures have lots of character they don’t mix well with the rest of my figures so I will replace them with in due course.

Egyptian archers

The two remaining elements are a 3Wb and a 2Ps. The 3Wb are Libyan swordsmen from my Libyan Egyptian Army. The 2Ps are Nubian archers, but they could be javelinmen – either Bedouins, scantily dressed Libyans, or Levantine types with kilts and turbans.

Nubian psiloi and Libyan warband

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