DBA I/45 Neo Assyrian Empire

The army arrayed

The army arrayed

“My prancing steeds, trained to harness, plunged into their welling blood as into a river; the wheels of my battle chariot were bespattered with blood and filth.” That’s the Assyrians for you, psychopaths with an astonishingly beautiful material culture who held an empire from Iran to Egypt.

Tiglath-Pileser III and friends

Tiglath-Pileser III and friends

The sharp end of the army is 4 elements of heavy chariotry. The chariots are all Essex Miniatures, but the horses are from Magister Militum, as the Essex ones are quite large. Even with the smaller Magister Militum horses they only just fit on the standard bases. The Tiglath-Pileser figure is from Museum Miniatures’ new range, which is very nice indeed.

Assyrian Cavalry

Assyrian Cavalry

Supporting the chariotry we have 2 elements of cavalry. These are from Essex Miniatures.

Assyrian foot

Assyrian foot

Although the Assyrian army has excellent offensive capabilities through their chariotry and cavalry, they are weak in rough terrain. There are 2 elements each of auxilia and psiloi, who provide some support, but there are also 2 slow and fragile horde elements. These represent Dikut Mati emergency levies. In DBMM they are often purchased because they increase the breaking point of the army by about 13% for only 5% of the total points value. But in DBA they are 16% of the total number of elements. The horde elements are mostly Museum Miniatures figures – they remind me a bit of an army of giant David Hasselhoffs. The remainder of the foot is mostly from Essex Miniatures, with the Syrian levy auxilia from Magister Militum.

3 responses to “DBA I/45 Neo Assyrian Empire

  1. These look very good, indeed. The Museum horde figures look very like their medieval ones in pose.

    I’d say the Assyrians are pretty strong in bad going compared with many armies, and the Auxilia and Psiloi would work well against elephants if they were ever to meet any (Psiloi backed Auxilia are supposed to be pretty good against elephants—not that you’d meet any in a historical match-up). It’s really what you do with those hordes!

  2. When I tried out my Libyan Egyptians against these guys, the Hd were fantastic in one game. I didn’t realise that they don’t know how to recoil. My Libyans were stuck in the open trying to kill them while Alex’s heavy chariotry thundered down the table toward them. They are very hard to move though.

  3. Interesting that the hordes were useful. I figured they’d tend to be fodder for just about anything. They must dread HCh, and they can’t be much good against Wb. And if a few Bw shot at them, I think they’d react badly too. I’ll have to try them out. I’ve only used the HOTT hordes.

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